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  • Can I sleep in my contact lenses?

    Consult with your eye care practitioner. It depends on the type of lens you're wearing, your eye health,

    and other factors. You must not wear them while sleeping unless your eye care practitioner says you can.

  • Can I swim or shower in contact lenses?

    You should take out the contact lenses when you swim or shower.

    Otherwise, you could get an eye irritation or infection.

  • Should I put on my makeup before or after I insert my soft contact lenses?

    Put in your lenses before putting makeup on and remove your lenses before taking your makeup off. It is important to prevent your lenses from being contaminated with residue from your foundation or powder on your fingers


  • How can I change or enhance my eye color?

    The best and only way currently available is coloured contact lenses. They can change the colour and appearance


    of your eyes easily and safely. You can wear different color contact lenses depending on your makeup, outfit,


    or an occasion.

  • Can coloured contact lenses affect your colour vision?

    The human eye can see the world through the pupil in the center of the colorful iris. Coloured contact


    lenses are clear in the centre therefore they only change the color of the iris. Your vision thus remains




  • Can I share my contacts with my friends?

    Never share your contacts with anyone. Exchanging lenses can transmit harmful bacteria, and it can cause eye


    infection or leads to dangerous eye conditions.

  • Can I clean my lenses with tap water? 

    Do not use anything other than contact lens solution to clean your lenses. Tap water can carry bacteria that could


    cause eye infection.

  • How do I tell if my lenses are inside out?

    Put the lens on a clean finger to form a cup and hold the lens up at the level of your eyes. If your lens is inside-out, 

    the lens appears to be in shape of "U" and its top edges tend to cup outwards.


  • Can I get Contact lenses with my glasses prescription?

    No. If you wear both contact lenses and glasses, you will need to have two separate prescriptions for your vision requirements. The contact lenses are placed directly on the surface of the eyes unlike glasses, and they also 

    have additional specifications such as base curve, diameter, lens material and expiry date as opposed to glasses.